Collection: Special Release


It’s the hot Italian summer of 1941 and the third set of a though match ends with another victory. Since ever, Superga has been synonymous with “tennis shoe”, and is now pioneering the world of Italian footwear with its impressive and timeless style.
Superga’s continuous research of ergonomic insoles guarantee each shoe to be comfortable, dynamic and secure; it was named Plantarco Superga after the ability to support the naturalarch of the foot.
The winning shoes formula has walked mules and through years of history and technological development, always staying classic and true to the original and forever surrounded by a strong heritage vibe.
Eighty years later, the legendary Superga Tennis Extra “Campionato” shoe is reborn.
The new Plantarco Elastico is the remodeled construction of the nostalgic OG Superga. The authentic aesthetic, still essential and contemporary, matches today’s necessity for comfort. Timeless outside, upgraded inside.